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3 ways schools can benefit from CCTV

3 ways schools can benefit from CCTV

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It’s become essential for schools to have some sort of CCTV. Many have already invested in the security system and have long been reaping the rewards. However, there are still countless schools that are yet to experience the benefits for themselves. Whether you’re a head teacher, a governor or simply a parent with a vested interest, here are three advantages to consider.

1. Safety for children

Safety should be of paramount importance in every school. Sadly, there generally aren’t enough staff to keep a thoroughly watchful eye on the grounds. There are many risks that could arise during the school day – from pupils fighting to intruders lingering around the premises. On the other hand, such safety risks can be eliminated or perpetrators caught with the help of school CCTV.

2. Protection for teachers

The teaching profession has been marred in recent years by a belief that teachers aren’t well-protected against accusations. In fact, many schools will immediately suspend a member of staff without first conducting an investigation if they are alleged to have become physical with a student. CCTV could avoid such extreme measures having to be taken because it will catch incidents on camera as they unfold. This means innocent teachers won’t have to plead their case because there will be evidence to support their side of the story.

3. Maintains high standards

CCTV can become the eyes of the school. It can gather all sorts of information that can then be used to maintain high standards. For example, the security system should detect who’s dropping litter or who’s often late for class. This information can later be relied on to make vital improvements.

Invest today

It won’t take your school long to realise and enjoy the benefits of CCTV. Installation is easy, quick and cost-effective, meaning there’s really no downside to making the investment. For more information, feel free to contact Brunel Security.

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