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4 advantages CCTV has over hiring security guards

4 advantages CCTV has over hiring security guards

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The majority of business owners understand the value of security. However, they can sometimes be unsure about the best way to ensure that their staff, possessions and building are safe at all times. While in the past many have relied upon security guards to deter thieves from the workplace, it seems many are now clocking onto the fact that there are more advantages to having CCTV. With this in mind, here are four benefits to using this form of surveillance over security guards.

1. It’s cost-efficient

CCTV comes with one cost that can be swallowed immediately. Meanwhile, security guards – with hourly wages, holiday pay and sick pay – come with hefty price tags that will only grow as the years progress.

2. It’s still a deterrent

CCTV security systems for business can act as a deterrent similar to how security guards do. When possible thieves spot it, they should think twice about whether it would be wise to enter the premises. Additionally, there’s no tricking a surveillance system like you can with a guard.

3. It’s less intimidating

You may find that a security guard can inadvertently intimidate staff and visitors just by their mere presence. Meanwhile, these same people probably wouldn’t even notice a CCTV system watching their every move since they’ve got nothing to hide.

4. It’s 24/7

CCTV systems can run for 24 hours a day, seven days a week. While you could hire security guards for the same timeframes, it wouldn’t be cheap. This is especially true around major holidays like Christmas Day and New Year’s Day when they would probably command double time.

Invest in CCTV today

You really can’t take any chances when it comes to your business’ security and reputation. Therefore you should give some serious thought into investing in CCTV. For more information on how you can do this, get in touch with Brunel Security today.

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