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Maintenance & Monitoring

We provide 24-hour maintenance & monitoring of your business premises and ongoing expert advice for your complete solution.

Whether or not your premises are operational 24/7 such as a distribution centre, or manufacturing plant, or closed for long periods such as a University or school, we provide the right level of security to ensure that your premises are protected effectively and cost efficiently.

Our ongoing maintenance plan ensures that your monitoring and surveillance equipment is kept fully functional, and not rendered defective through tampering or faults in line with the latest British Standards.

Ongoing Audits for Risk Assessment

We also provide ongoing risk audits to spot new threats before they materialise and disrupt your business.

Brunel Security Bristol, manage your security  and fire systems providing you with total confidence and assurance that your business assets are protected.

Our services include:

  • Review of your business security & fire contingency and continuity plans
  • Review of your security policies, access staff awareness and compliance
  • Ensure site contractors are aware of your security policies
  • Monitor and check the functionality of your security & fire equipment
  • Ensure recorded data meets legal requirements and is stored for recall
  • Provide on going maintenance to your security electronics and equipment
  • Monitor your premises 24/7 through CCTV, alarms and perimeter protection.

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