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Fire safety in the workplace

| 8:46 am

Are you up-to-date on the latest fire safety rules and regulations in the workplace? If you’re a business owner with a premises, avoid a hefty fine and ensure you know ...

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Your guide to perimeter security

Your guide to perimeter security

| 12:05 am

You would protect your family and home with sturdy door locks and a burglar alarm, just like you would ensure security devices are fitted to your car to prevent theft. ...

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The importance of building security in the public sector

| 4:45 pm

The public sector is the backbone of our very nation. It keeps our country going and provides valuable services that we are lucky to benefit from, including free education and ...

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Restricted Access: Keep your premises private

| 4:31 pm

Managing a larger business premises can bring with it a number of security concerns. One thing you don’t want to have to worry about, however, is any unwanted guests finding ...

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The effects of a fire go further than physical damage

| 4:11 pm

In the wake of devastating recent events in London, fire safety has been at the forefront of safety considerations for various property types. Such events beg the question, are we ...

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How could unauthorised access impact your business premises?

| 1:29 pm

When in control of a demanding business premises, the last thing you want to be worried about is unauthorised access on your premises. If you manage a business premises that ...

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New data protection law and CCTV

| 4:58 pm

Breaching data protection laws can be very bad for business. Fines are bad enough, but losing the trust of customers and bad publicity can have long-term repercussions. Yet it's surprising how ...

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Good for safety or simply spy machines? Busting the myths about CCTV

| 10:35 am

With more CCTV cameras per head of population than in any other country in the world, security monitoring is a hot button issue in the UK. It's believed that there is ...

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Top benefits of using CCTV for business

| 11:50 pm

With an ever-increasing number of thefts, robberies, and vandalism taking place across the country it's vital for businesses to ensure their properties are completely secure. CCTV is at the cutting ...

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3 ways CCTV can pay for itself in a shop

| 11:47 pm

Every business can benefit from CCTV. This includes offices, warehouses and builders’ yards. It’s especially vital in shops. While such surveillance is fairly affordable as it is, the high-tech system ...

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