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Could Artificially Intelligent Cameras Change Your Business’ Security?

Could Artificially Intelligent Cameras Change Your Business’ Security?

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When thinking of business surveillance cameras, we just think of them as digital eyes, watching over us and our employees, ensuring our business premises is kept safe. Some systems may require someone watching live footage, usually from a video feed. Whereas other systems can be more passive, simply there as a deterrent, or to provide much-needed evidence if something goes wrong. For example, you discover that some of your stock is missing? You check the CCTV.

Though, the technology behind these CCTV cameras is changing fast. Artificial Intelligence, known as AI, is giving CCTV surveillance cameras a digital brain, to analyse live video without the input of a human.

How Do AI Surveillance Cameras Work?

Artificial Intelligence in surveillance cameras works by utilising computer software programmes to analyse the audio and images from recordings in order to recognise humans, vehicles, objects and events. It will then detect abnormal events that could potentially pose a threat to your business.

So essentially, this artificial intelligence will work together with your traditional surveillance system to produce intelligent video analytics. Whilst, of course, traditional security measures which are in place today are effective in terms of decreasing and preventing crime, video analytics give business owners and security officers a technological edge that no surveillance camera can provide.

Surveillance systems which utilise video analytics will ‘learn’ what is normal so it can identify unwanted, and potentially harmful, behaviour that a human alone may miss.

It works in two ways, first by observing objects in a monitored environment and detecting when humans and vehicles are present, and second by receiving operator feedback about the accuracy of how it perceived various events and improving its own functionality.

Why Do I Need AI Cameras?

Real-Time Monitoring of Your Business

Initially, CCTV cameras would have been streamed live to monitors which would have to be constantly watched. The CCTV footage in those days was always reactive and in large parts of the world, still is. Most businesses only rely on CCTV footage when an incident has occurred or when there is a massive threat. Though, the use of AI has changed this completely, like real-time monitoring of video footage, with smart analysis of how security incidents can occur and what needs to be done to prevent them from occurring.

More Accuracy than the Human Eye

CCTV monitoring will only be as accurate and reliable as the person monitoring it. It’s only natural, as humans, to miss out crucial security clues at times which can lead to disastrous consequences. An AI system can be trusted to be accurate at all times and make up for human mistakes.

Foolproof Use of Technology

AI technology brings superior face recognition, object recognition and event recognition capabilities, to therefore provide you with security which works. What’s more, AI doesn’t even need to see someone’s face. Faceless recognition will use a person’s physical characteristics such as height and posture to identify them in a crowd.

Artificial intelligence is a great way to help people in your business do their jobs better, thereby making both yours and your employees’ lives easier and your business premises safer. If you’re looking to secure your business premises, be sure to visit the rest of our website or give us a call on 0117 259 1000 for more information about the business CCTV systems we can provide to benefit your business.


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