lead-forensics The effects of a fire go further than physical damage

The effects of a fire go further than physical damage

The effects of a fire go further than physical damage

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In the wake of devastating recent events in London, fire safety has been at the forefront of safety considerations for various property types. Such events beg the question, are we making the necessary preparations against such fire risks?

The destruction caused by fire damage to your business could be far more widespread than it initially appears, and insurance may not cover all eventualities.

Visible damage to premises and inventory

The most obvious consequence of a fire in your business is the initial damage to your premises. Not only does this impact the external view of the property, but it may also affect your general and product inventory. Your insurance may provide some support in repairing the physical damage, but the overall cost of such a loss could rapidly expand.

Interruption to your business

After experiencing a fire, no matter the scale, your business will inevitably face some disruption. This is time that could be spent building your business and generating strong client relationships.

If fire damage results in the interruption of your day-to-day business proceedings, it may mean that you also need to let go of valuable employees. Loss of staff could subsequently result in a loss of customers and clients, further reducing your ability to successfully rebuild your business.

Prevention should not be an afterthought

All businesses should be fully equipped with up to date and effective methods of fire prevention. From sprinkler systems to smoke alarms, first-time installation to maintenance, this investment could safeguard your business against potential devastation and disruption.

Brunel Security offers a comprehensive 7-step system in ensuring your property is protected and prepared against the destruction caused by fire damage, including a full fire risk assessment of your business. For more information about these services,  get in touch today.

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