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Fire safety in the workplace

Fire safety in the workplace

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Are you up-to-date on the latest fire safety rules and regulations in the workplace? If you’re a business owner with a premises, avoid a hefty fine and ensure you know all the latest in fire safety with our Brunel Guide to Fire Safety in the Workplace.

We’ve got you covered from the correct equipment, to conducting fire drills and training staff members. So if you own a business premises and want to make sure you’re in the loop – then keep reading!

Fire detection and warning systems

Regulations set by the UK government state that all business premises must have a fire detection and warning system. Depending on the type of building you have, you may need different types of detectors. The detectors also may depend on the work that’s carried out within the building. If you feel you need more information on this, you can always enquire with a member of our friendly and professional team, who will be happy to advise you further.

Firefighting equipment

The many different types of firefighting equipment required all depends on your business premises. All equipment must be correctly installed, and tested. They must also be regularly maintained, and all staff must be trained to use them if necessary.

Maintenance and testing

We’ve compiled a basic check list of everything that must be tested regularly as detailed below. However a fire risk assessment should be carried out annually or any change to the building layout and this will be a comprehensive check

All fire alarm systems are working.
All emergency lighting is working and tested.
Fire exit signs are in the correct place.
Any fault in systems or equipment is recorded and acted upon.
Escape routes are clear.
Fire escape doors can be easily opened.
Automatic fire doors close properly.
Check Access control doors release on fire activation.


All new and existing employees must be trained to know exactly what to do in case of a fire. Regular fire drills are the best way to do this, to ensure everyone including new staff are aware of the procedure. Fire drills must take place at least once per year, and the results must be recorded. Records and results must be kept as part of the company’s fire safety and evacuation plan.

If you need assistance or unsure of the regulations please contact one of our fully qualified Fire assessors for up to date rules and regulations regarding fire safety on 0117259 1000.

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