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Your guide to perimeter security

Your guide to perimeter security

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Perimeter Security Bristol

You would protect your family and home with sturdy door locks and a burglar alarm, just like you would ensure security devices are fitted to your car to prevent theft. Your business should be no different, and with such an important aspect of your livelihood at stake, all potential security measures should be taken into consideration. A perimeter security system could act as a vital first line of defence of your company. But what exactly is perimeter security? And how could it deliver added protection to your business?

Perimeter security traditionally refers to a purpose-built barrier of protection against potential intruders or enemies. This form of security harks back to the time of the Roman Empire, in which specifically built walls were used as a primary method of keeping intruders out, and preventing any captive prisoners from escaping.

Examples of early perimeter security barriers include Hadrian’s Wall, originally constructed around 122 AD by a force of 15,000 within the Roman Empire. The Great Wall of China is another perimeter security barrier, built to prevent nomadic forces from invading during 7th century AD.

Fast forward to present day, and perimeter security solutions still offer s significant amount of protection for businesses across the world – with a few modern upgrades.

In order to maximise its efficacy, therefore, it is normal for a number of security products to be incorporated in to one perimeter security system. At Brunel Security, Bristol, our Perimeter Protection System could include the following:

Perimeter Beams – Provides early detection of intruders to your premises, transmitting an alarm to alert staff based within the location, or an external alarm receiving centre. This security measure allows you to deal with any potential incidents on the premises, before they happen.

Bollards and Rising kerbs – Not only is this an excellent solution to traffic management, but this also offers defence against unwanted vehicle access to the property in question. Designing of such security measures can also be flexible, dependent on individual business requirements.

Security fencing – This really does what it says on the tin, providing an effective perimeter fence surrounding your entire property.

Security doors – Once again, this measure needs little explanation. It is worth noting that security doors provided by Brunel Security can range from anti-bandit, to high security doors rated at levels 3 & 4 by the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB).

Security Screens and Counters – These are perfect for delivering additional security for staff who frequently work in high risk environments, including bank windows, cashier desks, and public reception areas. They can also be specifically designed as bullet resistant for added protection.

Security Shutters and Grilles – Acting as a primary level of defence where a perimeter beam may be unsuitable, particularly for retail outlets and warehouses, security shutters are an extremely secure level of resistance against vandalism and theft when the premises is unoccupied.

Integrating Perimeter Protection systems, and particularly perimeter beams with your CCTV system, allowing for easy identification of any attempted intruders.

Perimeter security is essentially your businesses first line of defence. They provide preventative security measures against costly break-ins, theft, and even arson.

They also offer an increased level of privacy for your property, deterring any unwanted attention and protecting any valuable assets from the public.

Ultimately, a perimeter security system offers significant security measures that could significantly contribute to your current security methods, creating peace of mind for you, and your business.

For more information regarding perimeter security, or to arrange a free site survey so that we can recommend the perfect perimeter security solution for you, contact Brunel Security today on 0117 259 1000. We pride ourselves on ensuring your company is kept safe, providing class leading perimeter protection systems so that you can focus on running your business.

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