lead-forensics The importance of building security in the public sector

The importance of building security in the public sector

The importance of building security in the public sector

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The public sector is the backbone of our very nation. It keeps our country going and provides valuable services that we are lucky to benefit from, including free education and national healthcare. An industry so vital requires the best possible security available because, without it, our country would be lost.

Safeguard the vulnerable

Security in the public sector is vital when the interests and safety of the vulnerable are at stake. In a hospital environment, patients are not able to protect themselves against the threat of intruders, or in the event of an emergency that requires evacuation – such as a fire. The same applies for children within a school environment.

The security of these individuals can be maintained through the installation of a high-quality CCTV network, alongside intruder control measures, and an effective fire detection and prevention system. Their safety is ensured so those around them can continue with their valuable and life-changing work.

Protection for private information

Public sector premises often hold sensitive government research and information. Measures can easily be implemented to make sure that access is strictly controlled in these environments. Intruder alarms are useful at alerting the necessary people when unauthorised access to the premises has occurred, but this is not the most effective preventative measure.

Door entry systems are the best solution to this, providing a useful method of deterrence against unwanted intruders. This will allow managerial staff to control who is permitted to enter high-security areas, allowing the authorisation or de-authorisation of staff through entrance codes and card-scanning technology. Critical information remains under strict lock and key for maximum security.

When the security of irreplaceable institutions within the public is in question, it’s best not to leave it to chance. Brunel Fire & Security can provide a comprehensive security risk assessment to identify the best security solutions for both the public and private sector. We specialise in List X accreditation and all our engineers and staff are security cleared to government standards.

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