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Lockdowns Bristol: Keeping You Safe

Lockdowns Bristol: Keeping You Safe

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Security Lockdowns Bristol

There’s nothing more important in healthcare and education environments than providing a safe and convenient space that ensures that pupils, staff and patients feel secure. The best way to do this is through a lockdown system.

A lockdown is a precautionary measure in response to a potential security threat directly to a school, hospital or university. It is intended to secure and protect those inside the building who may be at threat.

Here at Brunel Fire and Security, we can supply expert lockdowns throughout Bristol. We have a wealth of experience in fitting a range of security solutions and can understand the range of challenges you may face when keeping vulnerable people safe. When we fit a lockdowns Bristol, we will make absolutely sure that the system is right for your needs and fits your specifications exactly. Call us on 0117 259 1000 today for more information on our outstanding lockdown systems.

How Does the Lockdown System Work?

The SALTO AMOK system is an easy to install electronic locking system that can be installed into any existing standard door. When a potential security threat is raised, you will be able to lock all of the doors from a remote computer system, to keep students, staff and patients safe. the AMOK system will also feature a built-in card reader to allow certain authorised people to enter and unlock doors during a lockdown.

What are the Advantages of a Lockdown System in a School?

  • Safety is of paramount importance in every school, but when there aren’t enough staff to keep a watchful eye over everyone who is on school property, a lockdown ensures that safety risks are eliminated, and any violent perpetrators are stopped from having access to the school and its pupils.
  • The lockdown system will also allow you to distinguish access by physical location and duration, so you can manage access for short-term guests, contract and temporary workers as well as staff and students.
  • The System is Flexible, allowing you to easily change access plans. You’ll be able to individually programme certain access for conferences, sports and cultural events etc.
  • In an emergency situation, you’ll also be able to lockdown specific doors.

What are the advantages of a Lockdown System in a Healthcare Environment?

  • Differentiate who has access, when and for how long in different places such as emergency wards, patient rooms, the pharmacy and staff office.
  • Protect your ward against the theft of drugs, pharmaceuticals or personal belongings by providing a secure and positive environment that is in the best interests of patients, staff and family and guests.
  • Manage access to a health centre’s network of diverse community centres, clinics, staff offices all from the same credentials as used at a main hospital base.

When security is in question, it’s best to not leave it to chance. Brunel Fire and Security will be able to provide a comprehensive security risk assessment and identify the best security solutions to ensure the safety for those in your care. We specialise in ensuring List X accreditations and all of our engineers and staff are security cleared to government standards.

Be sure to visit the rest of our website or give us a call on 0117 259 1000 for more information about the lockdowns Bristol and other security solutions we can provide to benefit your business.


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