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How often do you conduct that vital security review?

How often do you conduct that vital security review?

|11:39 pm
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Imagine you have a dental check-up and, good news, everything is fine. You are pleased and reassured, so you don’t bother to clean your teeth for the next six months until your next appointment, and then you are surprised that you have a sudden toothache!

Okay, we know you just wouldn’t do that. But, take a similar scenario where you have completed a premises security and fire contingency audit. There is a danger that this process is then neglected until either something happens or a substantial period of time has passed. During that interval, circumstances may have changed, but security procedures haven’t taken account of this.

Here at Brunel Security, we help companies keep right on top of their security needs. This might involve 24/7 every day of the year monitored CCTV security systems for your business; plus alarms systems and other perimeter beam protection. But, we also find that, occasionally, other parts of this process can be neglected.

A couple of questions to emphasise this point. Firstly, are any outside contractors who work on your site also fully aware of your security policies and how you expect these to be put into practice on all occasions? Secondly, are new members of staff immediately brought up-to-speed with how you operate a safe business – and their key role and actions in ensuring this continues to be the case?

Two more questions that companies may not instantly be able to answer in the affirmative. Are you confident that all recorded data meets the legal requirements for its storage and recall when necessary? Finally, are your security electronics, vehicle barriers, CCTV security systems, and other such equipment regularly monitored, maintained and repaired as necessary?

These four questions are ones that our Bristol-based Brunel Security experts frequently discuss with potential clients, and assess with our established customers. Through this process, an up-to-the-moment risk analysis can be undertaken, and the necessary actions put in place.

If you would like to talk about your key concerns in any of these areas, please call us on 0117 259 1000 for an obligation-free consultation.

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