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Restricted Access: Keep your premises private

Restricted Access: Keep your premises private

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Managing a larger business premises can bring with it a number of security concerns. One thing you don’t want to have to worry about, however, is any unwanted guests finding their way on to your property. These can take the form of misguided members of the public, or individuals looking to conduct criminal activity.

There can be a number of reasons why you may look to restrict access to your business premises. If you handle products that are of high value, the added security could prevent potential damage or theft. You may work in an environment that is considered dangerous when entered without appropriate safety precautions, therefore you need to protect the safety and wellbeing of your staff and the general public. Or, more simply, your premises may include a private car park which you need to prevent the public from using.

If your business requires you to make sure you don’t receive any unexpected visitors, for whatever reason, there are a number of ways you can take action.

Perimeter security systems can take on multiple forms, but however you choose to implement it, they act as a great initial deterrence when installed around your business. Security fencing works brilliantly at preventing potential intruders from entering your premises, whilst alternative solutions such as electronic perimeter protection and vehicle barriers working with access control or ANPR (Automatic number plate recognition) upon entrance will also stop any unwanted visitors from gaining access to your property without your permission.

By restricting the parking availability around your premises, you’re able to ensure that vehicle traffic is minimised, and your staff members have somewhere to park every day.

Installing a vehicle security system will prevent unauthorised parking on your premises, whilst also increasing the security of vehicles legally parked there. Security bollards offer an excellent traffic control solution, whilst rising kerbs prevent unwanted vehicle access.

If you think your business could benefit from security solutions that limit access to your premises, contact Brunel Security  today. We can offer a range of solutions to help you deal with unwanted intruders, and prevent any further unauthorised access to your business.


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