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Perimeter Beams

Perimeter Beams and Intrusion Detection systems enable early detection of intruders, enabling you to deter intruders before problems occur.

Bristol based Brunel Security design, install and maintain class leading Perimeter Beam and Intrusion Detection Systems across the UK.

Perimeter Beams and protection systems is where your security starts – being able to detect and deter any

intruders before any problems occur can save you time and money, not to mention the hassle.

Perimeter Beams are generally fitted to a structure or secure fixing but can also be fitted into the ground to omit beams from the floor – this helps detect intruders in large open spaces and is generally less obtrusive.

On activation of the perimeter beam an audible alarm is activated which can notify in-house personnel or it can be dealt with by our Alarm Receiving Centre – it can even be programmed to send text messages to multiple phones.

Brunel Security has designed some of the most complex and cutting edge Perimeter Beams in the UK, all complying with BS8418.

Call 0117 259 1000 to arrange a free site survey or to discuss protecting your premises from unwarranted intrusions.


When thinking about the perimeter protection of your premises, consider the following;

If someone was intending to break in, where would they go and attempt it – where are you venerable?
The main purpose of a venerable area is to strengthen it so that it moves the intruder to an area where they are likely to be more visible, or onto another business that is easier to target.
Have a look at the business next door, what have they got in the way of security and would you target them over your property?
Perimeter Beams and Protection Systems can be integrated into your CCTV system as well, this allows for quick identification of any intruder breaching the perimeter.

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