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Salto Access Control

SALTO Access Control Systems enable you to control who has access to your sites and your properties.

UK based Brunel Fire and Security is a SALTO Systems Service Centre partner, this means you have world-leading technology mixed with our years of experience in installation and servicing.
If you are looking for protection from uncontrolled access and an un-obtrusive user experience, SALTO & Brunel Security can deliver an ideal solution, tailored to your exact requirements to provide you with all the security, convenience and control you need.

SALTO state-of-the-art electronic locking systems offer flexible and functional access control devices that are both resilient and attractive with a wide choice of supporting software options. SALTO access control systems are designed to work in a wire-free environment so there is no need to hard wire the building, allowing you to keep your original doors and locks in place. This makes installation fast, self-contained and straightforward. The Brunel Security team are trained to an advanced level to deal with both installations and any questions you may have about the solution.

So, if you’re in need of access control for your business, get in touch with Brunel Fire and Security today on 0117 259 1000.

Salto Access Control