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Top benefits of using CCTV for business

Top benefits of using CCTV for business

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With an ever-increasing number of thefts, robberies, and vandalism taking place across the country it’s vital for businesses to ensure their properties are completely secure. CCTV is at the cutting edge of security solutions, and is one of the best investments you can make for keeping your business safe.

Here are the top benefits of using CCTV for business:

Theft prevention

All modern businesses need a technological infrastructure in order to run. This comprises many elements such as workstations, expensive servers, PBX hardware, and various other components that are essential if a company is to stay competitive. The theft of these items and pieces of equipment can have a major impact on a business’ performance and can result in significant loses in terms of finance, reputation and even clients. While traditional security systems like burglar alarms offer a degree of theft prevention, CCTV is the ultimate solution that will enable administrators and business owners to monitor their premises in real time.

Financial savings

While CCTV has been available for decades, the most modern designs are light years ahead of the rest where affordability and effectiveness are concerned. Most modern cameras capture images in high-resolution, which allow for the easy identification of thieves and trespassers. Some cameras even include a full range of motion control, enabling them to be easily re-positioned to follow threats and monitor entire rooms, rather than a single, limited angle. As a result of this, CCTV solutions are very flexible, and can be crafted to suit any security budget, while other requirements like DVR memory and camera type can likewise be determined by available resources.

Supporting claims

A combination of extremely high quality image recording and sound recording abilities results in a complete record of all activities on your business premises. These recordings can be kept as long as required and provide irrefutable evidence of what went down in the event of an emergency or break in.

Are you looking for a CCTV solution for your business? Get in touch, we’d be happy to discuss your needs and design the perfect solution to fit your budget and requirements.

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