lead-forensics How could unauthorised access impact your business premises?

How could unauthorised access impact your business premises?

How could unauthorised access impact your business premises?

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When in control of a demanding business premises, the last thing you want to be worried about is unauthorised access on your premises. If you manage a business premises that expands beyond an office building, such as a factory, warehouse, or simply a private car park alongside your workplace, you’re at risk of unauthorised foot and vehicle traffic. But how could such a thing impact your business?


An obvious risk that unauthorised vehicles could bring to your premises is the potential for theft and other criminal activity. Having a CCTV system in place can help identify the intruders after they have entered the premises, and may even deter some potential criminals. Working with high value stock may also increase the possibility of theft. If they are able to access your property without any difficulty, however, they still have the opportunity to undertake any theft or property damage.

Staff and public safety

Your premises may have a number of safety hazards that you need to prepare for. Whether you work with dangerous equipment, or even dangerous chemicals, you need to feel confident that your staff are safe, and able to go about their work in a controlled environment. Unwanted visits from the general public could severely compromise the safety of your staff and anyone else on the property, therefore it’s important that you implement effective solutions to prevent this from happening.

Hinder deliveries and overall productivity

Import and export may be a vital aspect of your business, therefore your loading bays must be kept clear at all times. Unauthorised parking around these areas could significantly increase your loading and unloading times, which will impact your daily productivity. This can be an even more pertinent issue if your business relies on multiple deliveries throughout the day, therefore it needs to be managed carefully.

Reduce available staff parking

If your staff car park is filled with cars belonging to the general public, your staff won’t have anywhere to park. It may sound trivial, but if your staff are forced to park offsite they are likely to feel more frustrated when coming in to work. This could impact their overall productivity at work, and may even mean they run late in the mornings. This may not be a risk, as such, but it’s something to consider in order to keep your staff happy.

What can you do about it?

Unauthorised vehicle or foot traffic could have a serious impact on the daily running of your business. Taking steps to prevent this, however, is easier than you might think. Vehicle barrier and electric gate systems will provide the best possible security against unwanted access from unauthorised vehicles the general public. There are even a number of vehicle barrier solutions to choose from, including automated swing and sliding gates, rising bollards, and automatic traffic barriers.

Conducting an assessment of your premises will not only identify any gaps in your security system, but will also help you choose the perfect solution to protect your business against unwanted vehicle and foot traffic. By creating a system that combines vehicle access control with perimeter fencing and CCTV, you can rest safe in the knowledge that your business is protected against these potential risks.

If you feel that you need to conduct an assessment to overcome any of the issues that come with unauthorised property access, contact Brunel Security today. We have over 25 years of experience providing businesses with high-quality security systems, tailored to suit your individual needs. Take action today against unauthorised access to your premises, and protect your business against potential theft, damage, and safety hazards.


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